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We have the pleasure to announce that OUR "JOHNNY FROG" is now on STEAM GREENLIGHT.

Please take a minute to Vote for this Game.


//Oniralia Games Team.

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All indie game developers have one objective: create games that users like and, hopefully, make some money in the process.

Given the evolution of development platforms and the free distribution; create a game has become a game itself. With minimum capabilities of graphical development, elementary knowledge of programming and sound editing; the creation of video games is within the reach of everyone. The only limitation is your creativity, your talent and the time you can dedicate to the task. But many of us ignore or overlooked that the creation of a game is a complex project involving clearly identified processes: each with a huge importance.

Many of us, when we started, undertake the development without taking into account these stages, mixing them or jumping points, improvising or going back to previous points and re-writing or redoing work. But there is a "script" of work for each multimedia product that you can produce. This is not something new, is something that even Big Films Producers apply in their projects. A methodology based on the experience and acknowledgment and that certainly makes the difference between the success or failure of a production or, at least, in your development time. As your time is your most valuable investment. I consider important to share my appreciation and my experience as a Lean Sig Sigma "Green Belt" and as Coordinator and Leader of Oniralia Games.

1.) What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma is a methodology which, generally speaking, is used to improve both industrial processes and services in big companies and corporations. It has a very specific set of work, tools and specialized techniques in order to streamline processes and save costs of time and resources without never losing sight of the consumer or customer needs. I will not go too deeply, but if anyone is interested, there is a lot of information:

The pillar of the Six Sigma methodology is known by its acronym: The DMAIC process. Corresponding to the words: DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYCE, IMPROVE and CONTROL. Although it seems far from video game development, the DMAIC process has many common points with the established multimedia development.

That's my purpose: to describe you the common points. 

2.) What are the stages of a video game creation?

Many of you know it. And some of you are applying it. Not following the correct order and not always strictly according to the phases. Pre-production - development - post-production. A bad planning in the first phase can give you problems in the second and a lot of delay the last two. The last phase is also crucial, because within it you will discover errors in the production phase. If the last phase of post-production is done wrong, the product can be delivered to the user with a lot of bugs...

(3) A Six Sigma development phases.

In the diagram you can see graphically the Six Sigma development phases of a project:

The definition phase:

Establish clearly what the problem facing us. We consider the consequences of it and approach us to the possible root cause.

The measurement phase:

Look for the metric observing the process to improve and taking all the valuable data for the next phase.

The analysis phase:

We examined the metric and look for correlations. Our goal is to find the root cause of the problem. Once found, our goal is to alter the metric, implementing the necessary improvements.

The Improvement phase:

Implement modifications and changes in the process. These modifications will be to modify the metrics obtained and achieve the necessary results: a process improved and optimized.

The Control Phase:

Using the metrics obtained and managing them, analysing the new results, establish the stability of the changes and their sustainability. But... What that means with video game development? The goal now is to mix the two concepts, the two procedures, and elaborate an enhanced scheme that will help in the development of our own products!

(4) Methodology Six Sigma + Multimedia methodology.

We are going now to mix the two concepts. Most of you (development purists) may think that this is bullshit, but I'm sure that it can help. More than that: I think that could be helpful. Because if we apply what follows, it´s possible that your work gets better results.


It is the moment to define clearly our game. Which users are it intended for? What range of ages? What tastes? What does our game as a novelty? If there is something similar how we can improve it or re - write it? At this stage of pre-production, we use the Six Sigma methodology because we define the characteristics of our product. Let clear many things that will save us much work further. The definition is our work here: exactly as we would develop a LSS project.

B) - Phase 2 - pre-production (MEASURE) Is the time to measure the parameters from the previous session. How much users consume the kind of game that you want to do? Which social groups have more success? What ages? In which countries? What lifetime has your kind of game? Why other products stand out? What case studies there are and what information we can get from them? Fortunately, there are many websites that provide this information. But you also have the option to investigate for yourselves, with patience and time. The goal: get all the possible information.

C) - PHASE 3 - PRE-PRODUCTION (ANALYZE) In this phase, we ANALYZE the results of our research. YOUR first phase (the definition) can be altered dramatically with the results found. Maybe you change all the gameplay that you had planned. Or maybe change even the gender or the monetization model. The data obtained are the pillars on which already the basis of your future final draft shall be recorded. The analysis phase must be careful because in it we could find the keys that make the difference between a resounding flop or a success.

(D) - 4 PHASE - PRODUCTION (IMPROVE/IMPLEMENT) Phase of development. The longest time and the shorter explain! Here the team starts to work hard. Many of you already know this phase! We prepare and gather all the elements: code, music, sound FX, graphics... Without losing sight and always keeping in mind the provisions of phases A, B and C. And we created our product. But has not yet reached the end... Isn't it?

(E) - 5 PHASE - POSTPRODUCTION (IMPROVE/IMPLEMENT) It is the moment of the final testing. It is correct and enhance errors in code, graphics and sound... It is also optimized the app, provide "fair weight" and also assess the effect on some selected users.

(F) - 6 PHASE - (RELEASE) (IMPLEMENT) Our goal is reaching its final stage: the publication. Even at this stage we must take into account the parameters of phases A, B and C. Because distribution platform also will have had in mind in them.

G) - 7 PHASE - (MONITORING / CONTROL) From here users rule! Your feedback is so important that you can make your game a success or a failure. We should focus on the objective, concrete and productive views, whether good or bad. It is a good practice to correct.

Do not abandon your project once launched on the distribution platforms: Maybe you have still a lot to improve.

This is also the phase of promotion and advertising of your game. But before that, make sure that your product is well built:

Based on the opinions of users!

Two things will happen:

Or your product does not need to change. It is accepted by the majority. People play and share. Your product extends and ,if you push a little "extra help" to promote, your success is guaranteed. Your work in the phases A, B and C is well done!

Or your product does not come out ahead. While some users like and give favourable views, is not as well accepted by the user community as expected. Something has failed in the process! Good: is time to correct or consider new options!

You know it: The work of an indie developer never ends! 


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Galaxy Jet Fighter is a game created by Twilight E Studios. An indie Studio creating video games for mobile and tablets.

The style.

Jet Fighter has a style of the 80´s. With an environment and atmosphere that reminds us the videogames machines of that time. Only missing the message: "Insert Coin"! :)


With quite good graphics, vertical composition and scrolling, easy to handle, Jet Fighter has very clear objectives for the player: get the highest number of coins, reach many meters away as possible and get the highest score..
The background of the game is good and detailed as well as the design of the ships.

Music and sound FX.

This is the part where the game could be improved in our opinion. The music is good, but the sound effects could be improved. We are confident that the development team could do it and in new versions will be improved.

In short: is a recommendation from ONIRALIA.
It is great to filling the moments when you get bored.
Congratulations to team Twilight E Studios and good luck with the game!

//Oniralia Games Team.

miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015


NUB´S ADVENTURE is a nice game developed by ImakeGames. Mixing platform and graphic adventure this original game will be attractive and addictive for most of Gamers. With a “pixelated look” but amazingly designed, the game tells the history of an small guy that after lost his home goes to explore the world and during his challenging travel He will find a lot of surprises...
The controls are really simple and very accurate. The movements and the action really well done and it´s truly difficult to avoid to engage... The game hasn´t ads but you have to unlock the game paying for it (really small amount)
But the question is how the developers conducted the action: the camera, the FX and one special mention to the music (brilliant score!) all of this makes the game one of our recommendations for your devices in 2015.

The game deserve it!

Guys!: keep up this good work!

//Oniralia Multimedia.

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Yes: another zombie-game. You can think this is only another one… Ok...yes. It is.

But In this case the developer has chosen a different way to offer the playability. Ok. More zombies. We know. But give it a chance...This is another point of view. Imagine this: you are a gladiator. You have fight in the arena and the only way to scape is throught the “catacombes”...

The rest is up to you!.

Developer: @DizzyHeights_ (Follow on Twitter)
Genre: First-Person, arcade, casual.

Recommended by :


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One of the most important part of your game creation process is the music and sound FX.
As Indie Games Developer Studio, you probably are looking for the maximum quality in your productions but with as lower cost as possible. Most of people developing games doesn´t have a sound studio ,a digital sound workstation or expensive synthesisers . Continue reading and you can have access to amazing tools that cover your requirements adding powerful sounds and music to your productions..

1) The basic hardware.

Obviously you will need a computer. Not an special one. Most of PCs are now prepared for editing music and audio FX. You can start your productions with basic requirements. (4x1.5Ghz Processor and 4 Gb Ram or even less). I think all the new PCs are prepared to handle the software we are to describe below.
The second important part is to get a good audio card.
We recommend to have an external one. You have a lot of different options with different prices and even the cheaper ones are valid for your work.
Other important piece of your basic home studio is the midi keyboard controller.
You don't have to spend a lot of money... from 50€ you can get your solution.

2) The basic software.

Lets talk about DAWs.

DAWs: Digital Audio Workstation software. DAW Software allows you to compose and edit music. There are a lot of different commercial solutions but fortunately you have free DAW software. Most of them are prepared for work with MIDI and all will be compatible with your MIDI Keyboard Controller. And you will have also AUDIO editing software. We recommend you Audacity. Powerful and free...

VST! The core of your productions.

The Virtual Synthesisers. An standard created by Steinberg. Here you have an UNIVERSE plenty of different options. And fortunately a lot for free! With these amazing tools you will have finally the sounds for your productions: Ambience music and FX all on one. Check this page and you will have an idea of the power and versatility of VST´s:

Good luck with your projects!


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No me consideraría jamás un artista de élite. Ni siquiera uno que despunte en el panorama extenso de artistas digitales que en estos momentos se despliega por la Red.
Hay obras maestras flotando en el mar de información que puedes encontrar en los foros de Arte Digital. Las mías no considero que estén incluidas en ellas. Pero una cosa es cierta: están realizadas con tesón, meticulosidad y amor por la creación de algo nuevo, algo nunca visto. Tal vez inspiradas a partir de un sueño, de una sensación, un paseo o un acontecimiento.
Un artista digital de élite normalmente tiene una formación artística sólida, adquirida en un Colegio superior, una Academia de arte o incluso la Universidad. Pero lo más esencial en el proceso de creación es el talento. Tu puedes pensar que el talento se tiene, no se adquiere.
Soy de la opinión de que el talento se puede adquirir, pero requiere un trabajo de investigación, práctica y muchas horas de dedicación. Aún así, no todo el mundo puede conseguir crear obras que a todo el mundo gusten. Al fín y al cabo nos pasa con las películas, la música y las obras de arte de artistas ya consagrados y considerados en todo el mundo y en todas las épocas. A todo el mundo no tiene porqué gustarle un estilo, aunque la ejecución, la idea original sean perfectas. Porque el Arte, en cualquiera de sus manifestaciones toca una fibra delicada del ser humano: sus sentimientos. Por esto, que una obra sea aceptada o no depende en gran medida de la época, de los estilos vigentes y del ámbito socio-cultural. Es cierto que todo el mundo reconoce normas y entiende mensajes, aunque mucha gente no esté formada para ello. Muchas personas tienen sensibilidad suficiente para decidir si una obra es buena o mala, atendiendo al único criterio válido: lo que estimula en ellas. Tu misión, como creador, es acercarte al punto en el que estimules sensaciones en otros. Que tu obra, sea del género que sea, provoque o transmita los sentimientos, las sensaciones o la información sobre lo que esa obra representa para ti y que por añadidura haga sentir y/o pensar a los demás. Si lo consigues, da por seguro que eres un “buen artista”, independientemente del número de “adeptos” que consigas. Y da igual el número: sean 100 o 100.000. Tu objetivo se habrá logrado de uno u otro modo. Tenlo en cuenta al crear cualquier producto multimedia; sea un corto, un escrito un cuadro, un videojuego…

Oniralia Multimedia.

sábado, 30 de mayo de 2015

Hajack! Is one of the new projects of the Oniralia Team and becomes the most ambitious work for this new Indie Studio till now. Hajack! It a mix between graphic adventure and Real Time Strategy (RST) game.
Oniralia has finished the pre-production phase (it has took two months ) with four people working on it. We have designed the concept art, scripts , some pieces of code and even the music score. Now is time to start the production phase.
We hope to launch Hajack! in December 2015.

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015

Booged Down: Tales of an Unconventional Hero”

“Booged Down: Tales of an Unconventional Hero” es un juego creado y diseñado por un grupo de estudiantes de el “Instituto Europeo di Desing” con sede en Milán (Italia). Con trece semanas de desarrollo y actualmente en fase de producción ofrece una perspectiva de juego diferente a lo conocido. El personaje principal es Humphrey: un boggart. Durante su aventura, con una duración de una noche, conocerá personajes fantásticos que le ayudarán a completar su aventura. Con un cuidado estilo y prestando mucha atención al ambiente y la jugabilidad, Este juego se sitúa entre los proyectos más ambiciosos y mejor trabajados que hemos visto. Espectacular el ambiente, los detalles, la iluminación, las texturas… Con una mención especial a su banda sonora… Una atmósfera que sin duda te atrapará y te conducirá a una experiencia inolvidable.

Puedes ver el Trailer del Juego en:
Puedes votar por su proyecto en :
No dejes de hacerlo!
Merece la pena.
Tu historia está por escribirse!

"Booged Down: Tales of an Unconventional Hero" is a game created and designed by a group of students from the "European Institute of Design" based in Milan (Italy). Thirteen weeks of development and currently in production offers a different perspective to the current games. The main character is Humphrey: a Boggart. During his adventure, with a duration of one night, He will meet fantastic characters that will help you to complete your amazing adventure. With a beautiful style and an amazing environment and gameplay, this game is among the most ambitious and best projects that we have seen before. Great atmosphere, details, lighting, textures ... With a special mention to the soundtrack ... An atmosphere and playability that surely will engage you and will takes you to an unforgettable experience.
You can see the Game Trailer here:
Please vote for this project here:
Don´t miss it!
This game deserves it.
Your story is not written yet!

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August 2014. One of the members of our Team created the concept of this game after a sleepless Night. The pieces of concept art were developed in one day and the whole playability design in one week. After six months of hard work of the programmers and the graphics design team Rocket Launcher infinity was launched in March 2015.
The result was an interesting game with a different concept of the ones we have ever played. Similar to some traditional games, Rocket Launcher Infinity gives us a different way to engage the user. And the game could be super-addictive The system is quite simple: Try to connect the correct coloured pieces in the correct place to complete the rockets. After that, the rocket will be launched and you will have the opportunity to repeat the action. If the four sets of rockets are launched, a power up with extra fuel can appear in any moment, this allows you to get some extra time to complete the level. Tip: try to handle the pieces as smooth as possible! Let the gravity make the rest.
You have nine levels to visit, with new amazing desings of the rockets and beautiful backgrounds. Don´t miss the oportunity to travel around the Solar System. Download and enjoy!


martes, 19 de mayo de 2015


So you are starting developing games. And you have no much resources to develop your projects… But fortunately you have some resources at your reach. All free and powerful. All you need to do is try it. There is a small list of powerful and free tools to take in account to develop your projects. Maybe most of you already now it, but we think it can be useful... All for free. Check it!



3D *BIG* TOOL (You probably know it, but interesting for the ones that are starting):

3D Modellers:



Hope this helps you! And good luck with your projects!


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No Man´s SKY ¿EL juego T O T A L?

De la mano de la productora Hello Games, se está llevando a cabo el proyecto mas ambicioso que yo haya visto en la historia de los videojuegos. No Man´s Sky es un juego en primera persona que reune características asombrosas. La principal de todas es que puedes explorer literalmente un Universo entero Cada elemento de ese Universo es único. Creado proceduralmente con lo que el atractivo de este juego es poderoso. Yo soy uno de los que ha soñado en su momento con un juego así. Y parece ser que, si todo les va bien, Hello Games estaría en disposición de publicar esta belleza técnica y artística este mismo año. Oniralia apuesta fuerte por este equipo y les anima a que continúen con este maravilloso trabajo. Aquí os dejamos el trailer y algunas imagenes: ¡Buena Suerte!

Oniralia´s JOHNNY FROG!

The Oniralia´s TEAM is about to launch in next months a new Tittle for Android devices: "JOHNNY FROG" is an amazing and very funny platform-style game. After more than six months of development lead by Victor Cánovas and David Imedio (programing) and with the fantastic work (graphics) of David Sanchez and Victor Sanz ( @dvimaginext), Johnny will be ready to start his travel around the world this Summer.

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Hace muchos años, hablo de los 80-90, España estaba en el top de productores de videojuegos para los microordenadores de la época. (Ahhh ¡Que tiempos! ¿Verdad?) Grupos como Made in Spain, Zigurat , Dinamic Multimedia, Topo Soft… llegaron a crear juegos de una calidad encomiable y que tuvieron en muchos casos reconocimiento a nivel mundial. (Yo fui uno de los afortunados que pudieron disfrutar de sus trabajos con mi fantástico CPC464 de Amstrad) Pero todo aquello cayó con la vorágine siguiente de cambios de hardware, software, tendencias comerciales…”y la historia se convirtió en leyenda y la leyenda en mito…” Pero en nuestro país siempre han existido y existirán personas de un poder creativo excelente. El problema siempre ha sido la falta de medios para muchos. Internet nos ha facilitado mucho las cosas a los que deseamos recuperar la posibilidad de que los juegos españoles despunten entre los miles de productos que ahora se esparcen por la Red de Redes. Herramientas gratuitas de desarrollo, tutoriales y manuales completos, lugares de promoción y “crowfunding”, redes sociales… En esta época en la que vivimos, los estudios renacen con nuevas energías y medios, con personas que han construido su creatividad inspirados en los productos de las casas de desarrollo punteras en el mundo y con una de las condiciones mas importantes para el triunfo: Todos AMAN lo que hacen. Y se les nota en los resultados que exponen en sus “Work in progress” o en los propios productos finales publicados. Oniralia elige para vosotros hoy tres ejemplos de Estudios independientes españoles A los que admiramos por el trabajo que están haciendo y a los que deseamos el éxito Mas rotundo, proporcional a su esfuerzo, su creatividad y su buen hacer…

Lince Works es un estudio independiente de Barcelona. Su trabajo “Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows” es algo mas que espectacular. Con un cuidadísimo diseño gráfico y mimando detalles es un producto a tener en cuenta en los próximos años. Un proyecto ambicioso, con muchas horas de desarrollo y a los que les deseamos lo mejor en el lanzamiento de su proyecto… Echadle un vistazo:
Protocol Games es un grupo madrileño que lleva trabajando (¡Y como!) bastante tiempo en un proyecto tremendamente prometedor. “Song of Horror”. Una aventura gráfica siempre es dura de desarrollar. Pero este equipo lo está haciendo mas que bien, con unos resultados estupendos y atrayentes. Cuidando mucho el detalle, el ambiente y el diseño tanto de su guión como de su entorno y sus personajes. Inspirados por autores novelísticos universales del género de Terror/horror, están consiguiendo un producto que a mas de uno le tendrá pegado a su Tablet o a su ordenador. Son admirables el esfuerzo, la dedicación y el cuidado por el detalle de este equipo.
Fictiorama Studios son los creadores de “Death Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today”. Un juego con un montón de trabajo detrás, con un acabado especial y un marcado estilo propio. Una historia post-apocalíptica muy bien llevada por el equipo, con un gráficos y guión muy bien estudiados. Un producto al que los amantes de la aventura gráfica no deben dejar pasar por alto…
En resumen: A los que empezamos nos ponéis el listón muy alto, pero es agradable saber que en este trocito de Tierra no estamos solos en el empeño.
//El equipo de Oniralia.

lunes, 12 de enero de 2015


La vida de "Twenty Seven" es relativamente corta. Lleva menos de un mes en las plataformas de distribución Google Play y Amazon App Store. (Pronto se podrá encontrar en otras muchas) Detrás de este humilde producto hay seis meses de trabajo de cinco personas en el desarrollo y otras dos en actividades "indirectas". El concepto de Twenty está basado en un juego muy muy antiguo que hacía furor entre los chavales de entre 10 y 15 años en las décadas de los 60-70-80. (Yo fuí uno de ellos). Ya me dí cuenta en aquél entonces que este juego requería paciencia y constancia. Y tambien me di cuenta de que, como en todos los juegos, tenía truco...
No desvelaré el truco ahora, pues todo el mundo puede descubrirlo por sí mismo. Lo único que exige este pequeño juego es que pongas a prueba algo mas que la destreza visual y tu rapidez de "cálculo": es PACIENCIA. Antes de embarcarnos los desarrolladores en este proyecto particular, analizamos a fondo los pros y los contras de la aplicación. Rápidamente aparecieron los contras y el primero de ellos fue la inquietud del ser humano. ¿Demasiado profundo? ¡No lo creas! Es una de las características que todos los desarrolladores de juegos (los que se precian de cuidar los detalles) tienen en cuenta. El ser humano es, por naturaleza, inquieto. Y en los tiempos que corren, en los que siempre estamos atentos al relój y cumplimos estictamente unos horarios (No te mientas: incluso en los días libres) Twenty te obliga a permanecer unos minutos a solas contigo mismo, con tu habilidad y tu capacidad de deducción. Quizá no a un nivel muy superior, pero si a un nivel básico. Eres TU contra un programa escrito con un fundamento tan simple en propósitos y objetivos que desespera no conseguirlo a la primera. Pero, seamos sinceros, Twenty no te da (ni te dará) la opción de bajarte un extra (pagando, por supuesto, como otros juegos mucho mas populares) que te permita resolverlo casi por sí solo. O lo haces o no lo haces. Lamento decir que un servidor, con menos de diez años, observó como algunos de sus compañeros de cole resolvían el juego como si lo hubieran diseñado ellos; como si fuera tan natural que lo hubieran hecho toda la vida. Pero el tesón y la constancia vencen siempre. Es una lección de vida. Simplemente te pones y de repente lo haces. Twenty Seven es moderno. Las reglas son las mismas, el modo de jugar es ligéramente distinto pero el resultado es el mismo y mejorado: SI consigues reducir tu tiempo en la consecución del puzle, podrás desbloquear nuevos "skins" con los que te sentirás más cómodo o además podrás disfrutar del fantástico trabajo de diseño de los creadores gráficos. ¡Incluso encontrarás alguna sorpresa! ¿Difícil? Puede ser... Hace unas cuantas décadas, niños de entre 10 y 15 años lo resolvíamos sin problema... ¡Sólo te digo eso! ;)