miércoles, 8 de julio de 2015


NUB´S ADVENTURE is a nice game developed by ImakeGames. Mixing platform and graphic adventure this original game will be attractive and addictive for most of Gamers. With a “pixelated look” but amazingly designed, the game tells the history of an small guy that after lost his home goes to explore the world and during his challenging travel He will find a lot of surprises...
The controls are really simple and very accurate. The movements and the action really well done and it´s truly difficult to avoid to engage... The game hasn´t ads but you have to unlock the game paying for it (really small amount)
But the question is how the developers conducted the action: the camera, the FX and one special mention to the music (brilliant score!) all of this makes the game one of our recommendations for your devices in 2015.

The game deserve it!

Guys!: keep up this good work!

//Oniralia Multimedia.

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