miércoles, 29 de julio de 2015


Galaxy Jet Fighter is a game created by Twilight E Studios. An indie Studio creating video games for mobile and tablets.

The style.

Jet Fighter has a style of the 80´s. With an environment and atmosphere that reminds us the videogames machines of that time. Only missing the message: "Insert Coin"! :)


With quite good graphics, vertical composition and scrolling, easy to handle, Jet Fighter has very clear objectives for the player: get the highest number of coins, reach many meters away as possible and get the highest score..
The background of the game is good and detailed as well as the design of the ships.

Music and sound FX.

This is the part where the game could be improved in our opinion. The music is good, but the sound effects could be improved. We are confident that the development team could do it and in new versions will be improved.

In short: is a recommendation from ONIRALIA.
It is great to filling the moments when you get bored.
Congratulations to team Twilight E Studios and good luck with the game!


//Oniralia Games Team.

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