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One of the most important part of your game creation process is the music and sound FX.
As Indie Games Developer Studio, you probably are looking for the maximum quality in your productions but with as lower cost as possible. Most of people developing games doesn´t have a sound studio ,a digital sound workstation or expensive synthesisers . Continue reading and you can have access to amazing tools that cover your requirements adding powerful sounds and music to your productions..

1) The basic hardware.

Obviously you will need a computer. Not an special one. Most of PCs are now prepared for editing music and audio FX. You can start your productions with basic requirements. (4x1.5Ghz Processor and 4 Gb Ram or even less). I think all the new PCs are prepared to handle the software we are to describe below.
The second important part is to get a good audio card.
We recommend to have an external one. You have a lot of different options with different prices and even the cheaper ones are valid for your work.
Other important piece of your basic home studio is the midi keyboard controller.
You don't have to spend a lot of money... from 50€ you can get your solution.

2) The basic software.

Lets talk about DAWs.

DAWs: Digital Audio Workstation software. DAW Software allows you to compose and edit music. There are a lot of different commercial solutions but fortunately you have free DAW software. Most of them are prepared for work with MIDI and all will be compatible with your MIDI Keyboard Controller. And you will have also AUDIO editing software. We recommend you Audacity. Powerful and free...

VST! The core of your productions.

The Virtual Synthesisers. An standard created by Steinberg. Here you have an UNIVERSE plenty of different options. And fortunately a lot for free! With these amazing tools you will have finally the sounds for your productions: Ambience music and FX all on one. Check this page and you will have an idea of the power and versatility of VST´s: http://www.vstplanet.com/Instruments/VST_Synthesizers.htm

Good luck with your projects!


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